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Development of the functional and utility program for the project: Sports school - Modernization of sports base of educational institutions of Zgierz County. Construction of a sports hall at the Sports high school in Aleksandrów Łódzki ".

Investor: PHIN Investments Sp. z o.o.

The building will be a partially 2 - storey building (in the area of the hall 's back yard) with a 1 - storey sports hall area without a basement for sport and recreation purposes. It will contain the main playgrounds (sprinkled on the same plate) for basketball, volleyball, tennis, or alternately 2 training pitches for the aforementioned disciplines and badminton placed transversely on the main playground.

The sports hall being the subject of the order should be designed as Passive building.

Usable area of the building - 1450 m2

• Cubic capacity- 13980 m3

• Total area of the building - 1610 m2

• Area of the investment area together with the school grounds - 11,948 m2

• Building area - 3474 m2

- including:

• Designed sports hall: - 1243 m2

• Paved surface designed and existing - 2416 m2 including:

• Designed walk-throughs and car parks - 524 m2

• Designed walking trails - 394 m2