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Łyszkowice - Pharmaceutical Plant   (currently Takeda Pharma Sp. z o.o.)


INWESTOR: Byk Pharma Sp. z o. o.


A full construction design for the building permit which was worked out with - co -operation with the German Companies: Carpus + Partner GmbH in Aschen and Scholze GmbH in Echterdingen. The design of the executive works in the following branches: architectur, construction, under - floor system and plan of the territory development together with elements of external systems were worked out for Contractor Dywidag Polska Sp. z o. o.

Plant objects:
- LIQUIDA (liquid medicines production) three storied buildnig
- SOLIDA (tabletes production) free storied building
- WE-WA (distribution area and administrative offices together with social facilities) three storied building
- CENTRAL POWER STATION - two storied buildning
- HIGH RISE WAREHOUSE the higest level of storage 12 m

Characteristics of designing building:

  • Site area - 4,0 ha
  • Build-up area - 15.000 m2
  • Objects total area - 40.000 m2
  • Total volume - 250.000 m2