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Complete multi-branch construction project documentation for the investment under the name: Construction of a park recreation facility "in Łódź at Zdrowie 4/8 street.

Investor - „Ozdoba i Syn” S.C. - Łódź

Characteristics of the building being designed

• Cubic capacity of ground part - 4.212 m3

• Total cubic capacity - 5.109 m3

• Overall height to the ridge - 9,62 m

• Number of storeys: Two ground storeys and one underground

• Total building surface - 1240,99 m2

• Building area - 585,36 m2

• Total usable floor area of the building - 807,38 m2

The project included the construction of a park recreation facility which included:

a) Gastronomy (in the form of a restaurant and fast food bar).

b) Rental of sports equipment.

c) Public toilets and service area.

d) Construction of outdoor-fitness equipment on an area of 257.71m2.

e) Construction of external infrastructure: downhill, fence and small architecture, connections and external installations.