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Complete documentation of the construction project and executive project with  construction works, cost estimate of the investment, the technical specifications, update of the energy audit and obtaining final building permit decision for the investment named: „Renovation, reconstruction, development and superstructure of buildings: B,D,E of Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography with associated infrastructure on plot No.  127/1 area S-1 Łódź, Freedom Square 14

 Characteristic of projected building:

  • buildings classified as national monuments
  • plot area classified as national monuments
  • plot area –  3.349,91 m2.
  • area of the buildings B, D, E – 1.346,79 m2
  • usable area of the buildings B, D, E – 3.073,98 m2.
  • total area of buildings  B, D, E – 3.595,03 m2.
  • total volume of the buildings B, D, E – 13.636,23 m3.
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budynek B_magazyn_widok 1.jpg
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