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Engineering and Consultin Enterprise "BIPROWLOK"  is the company with tradition lasting for more than 50 years.
We offer design and realisation of variety of building objects.

"BIPROWLOK" has been established in 1949. At the beginning it was the design office of Textile Industry. In the 80's the company broadened its activity to include other branches of industry and building objects. In 90's we specialised in designing of banks. Several of our projects has been realized in General Investor System.
At the end of 90's and after the year 2000 an important part of our design activity became residential buildings, beside the industrial objects.

Our adventages are:

  • half century of experience resulting from amount and sizes of realized projects
  • highly qualified staff engineers and technicians
  • knowledge and 'know-how' gained thanks to years of cooperation with very demanding international companies


The multi-branch projects of new industrial objects, modernization and extension of existing building. All our projects features   incorporation of modern desig solutions and cost-effectiveness
 The multi-branch projects of banks, residential buildings and other buildings.

That makes our company significant on Polish engineering market.